Canon Océ Color Wide Format Printers

Our color wide format printers meet a variety of needs for productivity and functionality. Find the industry’s best in large format document printing to flatbed digital finishing systems that accommodate technical engineering applications. Canon Solutions America offers the printing systems you need in various product categories and families. A number of the top product series are available in our catalog.

Browse the Most Complete Selection of Advanced Printers

Look through our Canon product pages to get ideas, or filter products by category, product family, and series. For each unit, product highlights and technical specifications should give you an idea whether the model matches your document processes and workflow requirements. We carry products that suit businesses and industries of any size.

Why These Are the Top Models

Our inventory includes several top-of-the-line product types, including large format printers able to meet varying levels of technical demands. The following items meet low- to mid-level demand printing, scanning, and copying workflows:

  • Océ PlotWave 345 / 365 – Outputs 4/6 D-size prints per minute and is expandable from 1 to 2 media rolls, supporting over 3,900 square feet of uninterrupted printing.
  • Océ PlotWave 450 / 550 – Outputs 8/10 D-size prints per minute and can be expanded from 2 to 4 media rolls (over 7,800 square feet of printing)
  • Océ PlotWave 750 – Supports 9 D-size prints per minute and can be expanded to up to 6 media rolls, allowing more than 10,000 square feet of printing.

High-Level Large Format Systems

If you’re looking for Canon Océ color wide format printers, there is a diverse range of products to choose from. The Océ Colorado 1640 is well-suited for high-volume printing. It offers technical features such as low-temperature curing, Océ UVgel technology for instant pinning and dot gain control, high-precision color matching, and instant drying laminated printouts.

Some of our more advanced lines include the Océ Arizona. It ranges from an entry-level flatbed inkjet printer with an output of 194 square feet per hour (318 GL) to a faster model at 1,668 square feet per hour (6100 Series). We’re also stocked with leading cutters, laminators, and folders, not to mention large format, high-resolution printing equipment, such the many models from imagePROGRAF.

Why Buy from CTS Choice?

We’re proud to carry the top high-quality color wide format printers from Canon. They can produce professional, photo-realistic prints in the sizes needed by companies, art galleries, and photographers. Another reason to choose us is CTS Choice is equipped and staffed to service all the equipment sold. Our personnel members are trained and certified, and our customer service is grounded by a helpful, friendly staff able to provide clear explanations and effective solutions.

Company Background

Since 1986, Choice Technical Services has been serving organizations of all sizes throughout Central and Southern California, building its reputation and trust among regional businesses. We offer a one-stop business model for equipment and service in the large-format and 3D printing market. Sales and technical support for color wide format printers are available via experienced service technicians, who can be dispatched to any community, from San Diego to San Luis Obispo.

For more information and sales or technical assistance, contact us by phone at 800-700-5990.