CTS Choice: A Top Choice in Cybersecurity

Clients throughout Southern California rely on CTS Choice for its outsourced IT management services, private cloud system, and managed print and VoIP services. The cybersecurity with their partnership with ProActiveIT has enabled the company to expand its services and guarantee cost-efficient, secure offerings for small, medium, and large businesses. Its partner is focused on services that facilitate security, productivity, and growth.

What Is ProActive IT?

ProActive IT has been partnering with businesses for more than 20 years. Its services range from IT support and upgrades to cybersecurity monitoring and daily operations management. The organization also helps clients get the most out of the cloud and related technologies.

The partnership enables CTS Choice to offer customers the best in online security. A third-party monitoring solution means that a system is in place for:

  • Scanning and analyzing a network for vulnerabilities and intrusions.
  • Monitoring the entire network on a constant, real-time basis.
  • Potential threats to be assessed before harm is done.
  • Use trends to be tracked to aid the network planning process.
  • System alerts and recommendations to be made to the right people.
  • Fixes to be made to avoid extended downtime.

Online Security Is Available to Virtual Businesses

CTS can now assure strong cybersecurity with any service offered through its partnership, including virtualization. Implementing virtual servers, desktops, and applications enables businesses to boost their operations, reduce costs, and position themselves for growth. Many processing tasks can be moved to the cloud. While being a cost-cutting move that increases efficiency, migrating to the cloud is also safer, as virtual servers are constantly monitored.

If there is a problem, virtual components can be quickly migrated. Therefore, no service interruptions occur. Businesses can safely virtualize and limit resource usage while taking advantage of secure configurations, reduced hardware requirements, and improved backup and recovery. The system also supports multiple operating systems. That means all legacy and newly implemented OSs and applications can be used to their fullest.

Threat monitoring and mitigation are handled at every part of the network. Risks can be identified in real-time, so measures can be taken to secure the network and protect critical hardware and software. Cybersecurity with their partnership with ProactiveIT has enabled CTS Choice to make improvements to its:

Private Cloud System: Your business can focus on productivity and collaboration and avoid the public cloud while having a secure, customizable, and scalable solution to work with. It gives you complete control over data. The system remains secure even as multiple users access it from different locations.

Outsourced IT Management: A trained team of networking agents is on-call to set up the latest technologies so your business has complete access. At the same time, capital expenditures are reduced. Cloud-based solutions limit what’s spent on equipment; plus, experts with various skill sets are on hand to help at any moment.

Learn more about CTS Choice’s service offerings in Southern California, and the cybersecurity with their partnership with ProactiveIT that’s now possible, by viewing our website or calling 800-700-5990.