3D Printers

Enterprises big and small can use three-dimensional printers to create real objects from virtual designs. Whether you’re looking for a powerful Markforged 3D Printer to manufacture high-quality carbon fiber parts or an accessible MCOR 3D Printer to fashion prototypes out of standard reams of paper, CTS Choice can supply you with the best equipment available.

The latest development in printing and manufacturing technology, 3D printers are pushing the envelope of possibilities, allowing organizations to envision, design, and produce innovative products and realistic models in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost. As the technology advances, it promises to boost productivity among manufacturers while expanding the creative possibilities across a wide range of industries.


Markforged 3D Printers

Markforged 3D Printers offer some of the most advanced printing capabilities available in today’s market. Designed with manufacturers, engineers, and designers in mind, it produces industrial-strength carbon fiber objects with unbeatable precision. The Mark X model also allows users to reinforce final products with metal for added strength and stability. Capable of manufacturing anything from robotics and automotive parts to prosthetics, Markforged is the perfect solution for clients who demand only the best.
Mcore-Matrix-Plus 3D Printer Model

MCOR 3D Printers

For quality printing that’s both convenient and affordable, MCOR has developed the ideal solution. Many three-dimensional printers rely on expensive materials to produce realistic objects. MCOR printers make it easier by using standard printing paper as consumables. Simply grab a ream of paper from your local office supply store, and you’re ready to start making any number of prototypes, models, and products.

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