MCOR 3D Printers

For quality printing that’s both convenient and affordable, MCOR has developed the ideal solution. Many three-dimensional printers rely on expensive materials to produce realistic objects. MCOR printers make it easier by using standard printing paper as consumables. Simply grab a ream of paper from your local office supply store, and you’re ready to start making any number of prototypes, models, and products.

Finally! a 3D printer that uses reams of paper as the consumables!

Mcore-Matrix-PlusIntroducing to our clients, MCOR Technologies 3D Printing. MCOR is at the forefront of innovative 3D printing, using easy to access standard printing paper to create your 3D models, prototypes, and products. MCOR uses standard reams of paper that you can purchase just about anywhere these days. This is a huge advantage over the competition that forces you to source and stock the various materials for 3D printing—and at a premium price, too.

MCOR’s latest invention represents the cutting edge of accessible 3D printing technologies. Design and build objects of incredible strength and accuracy with nothing more than eco-friendly bio paper and an MCOR printer.

The Strength of Paper

When you think of paper, you think of a single page you can crumple and throw away. So, why would you make a 3D object out of such a thin material? The truth is that MCOR 3D printers use compressed paper as a consumable. In terms of consistency and strength, compressed paper is essentially the consistency of wood.

Compared to other common materials used as filament in the average 3D printer—plastic and photopolymer objects tend to warp; ceramic and powder objects shatter—paper objects are strong and durable. In fact, tests have revealed that paper objects made with MCOR 3D printers have a tensile strength that exceeds plastic by roughly 1.5 times.

Don’t take our word for it; try it for yourself. You might be surprised. Call CTS Choice, your trusted dealer for 3D printers in Southern California, to learn more about the wonders of MCOR 3D printers or to place an order. Our knowledgeable staff can answer any of your questions and walk you through the 3D printing process.

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