Desktop and Notebook Computers

cts-it-hardwareWe know the importance of having a machine that can complete all of the tasks you throw at it, and do them with ease. It is for this reason that we have carefully chosen the Dell and Lenovo brands of desktop and notebook computers as our “go-to” brands for superior performance from the system in every respect, extreme durability and longevity all with an affordable price tag.


We are proud to be an authorized outlet for Dell and Lenovo workstations for users with even the highest performance demands. Dell’s line of Precision Workstations available in tower form and rack mount make quick work of the most complex projects.

Likewise, Lenovo’s line of ThinkStation Workstations tout themselves as “Professional Strength” for even the most demanding applications.


We-sell-notebook-computersThe Lenovo ThinkPad, originally from IBM, has been completely revamped and improved since the days of IBM past. Improved durability, lighter assemblies and boosted performance all make for an ultra portable notebook with plenty of performance for just about any application.

Dell’s line of Precision Mobile Workstations boast options for giant display, massive amounts of memory and big, fast solid state drives. All these features work together for a blazing fast experience no matter where you are.