What Is the ARKE Printer?

ARKE Printer

The ARKE is an eco-friendly, photorealistic 3D printer that creates full-color 3D objects from layers of paper material. Created by 3D printing company Mcor, the ARKE printer aims to create striking pieces from biodegradable material with minimal waste and zero toxic emissions. Mcor encourages the use of the ARKE not only for prototyping and manufacturing purposes but, also, to assist with education and student creativity.

Achieve Incredible Realism with Safe-to-Use Technology and Powerful Software

One of the primary benefits of this particular 3D printing technology is its use of paper as a building material. By eliminating the emission of chemical fumes and particulate debris, the ARKE is a much safer alternative to rapid prototyping systems that use colored plastic.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the ARKE printer is its ability to create beautiful, realistic results in rich, true hues by color printing the ink in-line with the paper. All printed objects are fully biodegradable and eco-friendly without sacrificing quality or durability. The ARKE 3D printer also comes with versatile printing software that is compatible with a variety of hardware and operating systems.

Go Eco-Friendly with the Full-Color ARKE Printer from CTS Choice

Whether your goal is to create quick prototypes by investing in user-friendly 3D color printing technology or enhance students’ education experience with a safe, non-toxic device, the ARKE printer is a perfect choice. Create beautiful, photorealistic objects at the touch of a button without worrying about providing additional ventilation or safety measures.

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